Bay Laurel Culinary At Earth Day

BLC is teaming up with Jess Flood Events to bring the guests at Iron Horse’s annual Earth Day celebration a “sous vide your own egg” station. To celebrate and focus on the ‘future of food’ we will be building, stocking and staffing an edible lab that features a gastronomic picnic of sorts. Guests will have a chance to use flavored oils, plastic wrap, local, organic eggs and a hot water bath to create their own “sous vide” egg (corral style, of course). We will also be offering a salad inspired by the perennial grains of the future featuring roasted spring vegetables.


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  1. Christina December 20, 2015 at 3:26 am #

    Culinary arts covers the bdoerar range of food prep. Either cooks or bakers might get paid more, depends on their job. And typically you’d work for one place, without travel.

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