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Venice boardwalk

The Chef’s Spring Break; A few days of Adventure, R & D in the Golden State

We recently took a few days to see what was happening with our neighbors in California. A shoestring budget got us deserted campsites, hikes, free museums, gardens, parks, a movie (about food), history lessons and a full force burger tour in LA. In between we spied on the happenings at some of the most talked […]

Boiling lobsters in court bouillon

Lobster Egg Salad on Toasted Brioche

We love cooking live lobsters. The succulent decadence of this iconic American shellfish is inspiring to work with. We are also surrounded by organic chicken ranches in our neighborhood, who supply us with unbelievably fresh pasture eggs. So what could be better than to put these two mouth-watering ingredients together to create a rustic, late […]


Fish Fry

Generally speaking the best spots to eat in the world are ones with no view – this is especially the case in tourist towns. There I tend to poke around the backstreets when looking for the best snacks. Furthermore, I usually can’t go wrong with a restaurant attaching itself to a small super mercado. These […]

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