Camp Like a Chef

Camp Like a Chef

The end of June is usually screaming hot in wine country; with temps this year reaching 107+ inland just last week…

Heat like that means it’s time to figure out how to get away and cool down on the coast.
The redwoods, the fern canyons, the foggy beach; this is what we dream about. Losing the phones, setting up a tent, lighting a campfire and chilling out with some good, simple snacks and a bottle of bubbles makes a 2-day sneak-away feel like a 2-week vacation this time of year.

But just because we want to get back to nature for a couple of moon-rises doesn’t mean we want to skimp and eat garbage out of a bag or processed deli food from whatever local market has just been bought out by Safeway. It also doesn’t mean we want to overwork ourselves and spend time doing too much prep or dishes in camp because that’s not why we do this…

The following recipe is a gold standard when we need a nosh in nature. It’s so easy I’m gonna just show you the pictures with only the tiniest bit of explaining. Follow this as loosely as you like. Follow this to a T. It’s not rocket science. Its delicious with bubbles. You can cook like a camp chef too. You got this.

Grilled Cheesy Toasts with Mushrooms & Bacon
Mug of HomeMade Tomato Soup on the Side
Jar of HomeMade Salsa on the Side of That

Just a few good ingredients like killer smoked bacon, crimini mushrooms, scallions, seeded baguette and Iron Horse (it’s in our blood).


Fry that Bacon over the fire or on a camp stove, it doesn’t really matter. What does really matter is an excellent cast iron skillet.


Criminis work great for this but if you gotta forage be my guest.

Bacon, Mushrooms & Scallions

Put the big three together and you’re half way there.

Cheese with Salsa & Lime

Get your cheese ready. Obviously you can use what you like. This is melty magic with mozzarella and swiss.

Tomato Soup

Do yourself a favor and bring an awesome homemade tomato soup with you. I freeze mine for an extra cool ice chest. While you are at it, make some killer salsa (don’t freeze that).

Grilled Bread with Cheese

Grill that bread on a grill pan for ease. Use bacon grease if you dare. Olive oil if you don’t.

Grilled Bread with Cheese, Bacon, Mushrooms & Scallions

Top that grilled cheese tartine with the goods and your done.


Grilled Mushroom & Bacon Cheesy Bread with the Works Plus Tomato Soup in a Mug

You’re welcome…

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