Peaches & Cream

Peaches & Cream

Looking for a sexy late summer food pairing? Look no further…

Whether it be freshly made chèvre from a local herd of Tomales Bay goats at White Whale Farm or thickened creme fraiche (we make ours using Sonoma & Marin county cream) turned into a slightly sweet Italian pudding, the richness of milk, cream or cheese works in perfect tandom with the sweet and tart stone fruit.

Just like our dairy producers, we are proud of our peach growers and want to show them off too. We love Kashiwase Farms in Winton (just East of the 99), Dry Creek Peaches in Healdsburg & Full Belly Farms in the great Capay Valley.

What could be easier and more delicious with a glass of crisp, fruity white (try a 0.0 rs Gewurtztraminer) than an olive oil bathed crostini with freshly whipped goat cheese, firm yellow peaches, a super fruity olive oil and sea salt? This is a wonderful hors d’oeuvre treat before dinner. Don’t forget the tender, young rosemary…

A perfect sweet finish would have to be our tart panna cotta made with buttermilk and cream and topped with uber ripe freestone peaches, toasted almond brittle and mint. This would also be incredible as breakfast in bed…

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4 thoughts on “Peaches & Cream”

  • Chris, you won’t remember me but I remember you growing up. My husband Joe taught and coached with your dad at BV. I just have to tell you that I have been following you and your wife’s postings on FB. I so admire what you have achieved and the success you are now enjoying. Your creations are so unique – always look exquisite and sound mouth-watering! Especially love the latest postings made with peaches!
    Congratulations on your success! Know how proud your mom and dad are. I also love the name of your company!

    • Helen,
      Of course I remember! Thank you so much for the kind words of support. It means the world to us to be able to do what we do and we are so glad that you noticed. If there is anything you would like to see in the blog or have a personal cooking/hospitality question, please don’t hesitate to let us know.
      All of my best,

  • Christopher, it was so nice of you to respond. I do have a question about your dried tomato recipe. It comes at a perfect time as we have an abundance of Early Girl tomatoes also. At what temperature and for how long should I dry them?
    Thank you so much.

  • Place them on parchment and in an oven on low (just about 200F). Leave them for 8-10 hours checking on them after 6. You can let them go longer (depending on size and juiciness) by turning off oven and leaving them undesturbed overnight. Pack them in a good pure olive oil ( we like tiger brand or the Costco pure is a good sub) not the place to break the bank on evoo. Hope that helps. Get back to me if you need more info.

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