Handmade take & bake Chicken Pot Pies

Handmade take & bake Chicken Pot Pies

mary’s free-range chicken
carrots, celery & bay
BLC chicken broth
organic flour & clover butter crust

niman prime ranch beef
onions, carrots, celery & bay
BLC beef broth
organic flour & clover butter crust


  • Cook the pies from frozen – they should not be defrosted before being baked. This will give you the flakiest possible crust.
  • Egg-washing the top (per the directions on the label) will give you an even, golden-brown crust. However, we have tested the pies without this step & they come out just fine!
  • Home ovens vary widely – how do you know it’s done? The crust should be evenly browned all over & you should see the gravy bubbling up through the vent in the center of the pie. If you find it browning too quickly but not bubbling, tent it with some foil for last 10-15 minutes of cooking.  Center rack of the oven will be the sweet spot for most of you. Feel free to rotate front to back if it is browning unevenly. But shut that oven door quickly – otherwise you will let all the heat out of your oven.

How many do they serve?  For a weeknight dinner, we would suggest 2 people, with a nice salad on the side. If you are entertaining, you might want to have one pie per person.