Stone Fruit Chutney in January

Remember all of the wonderfully seasonal stone fruit you put up in jars last summer? The incredible peaches, plums and nectarines you bought in bulk at the farmers market in August and spent an entire day making perfect in Ball jars? Well here is a chance to use some of your sacred bounty as it was meant to be used… in the middle of winter.

This super easy recipe can be made in 20 minutes and be used as a garnish for all sorts of dishes. Try it as a topper for a lamb stew, a spread for a spiced beef sandwich, a tangy accent for wok fried rice…

We use nectarines here but firm peaches and, especially, pluots make an excellent chutney.

Such a simple array of ingredients. The key is finding a flavor balance. From left clockwise there are ginger and shallots, Strongbow Hard Cider (white wine can sub here but we like the added fruit burst from the dry cider), our very own jarred golden nectarines, fresh cilantro, jujube (also known as Chinese Dates or Indian Dates can be found at our local farmers markets starting in the fall), clove, star anise and black peppercorn infused rice bran oil, and fresh mint.

The ingredients (with the exception of the cider, cilantro and mint) are then chopped and sautéed in the spice infused oil. Cider is added there after and the entire pot simmer for no more than 15 minutes or just until it thickens and the flavors have enough time to meld.

The fresh herbs are minced and added to the chutney after it has cooled and before it is served.

Above our stone fruit chutney garnishes a petite butter-crisped grilled cheese sandwich oozing with sheep’s milk cheese and topped with fresh cilantro.

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