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Boiling lobsters in court bouillon

Lobster Egg Salad on Toasted Brioche

We love cooking live lobsters. The succulent decadence of this iconic American shellfish is inspiring to work with. We are also surrounded by organic chicken ranches in our neighborhood, who supply us with unbelievably fresh pasture eggs. So what could be better than to put these two mouth-watering ingredients together to create a rustic, late […]

Early Girls

Early Girl Tomato Time

We know that Summer is here when the early girl tomatoes are out in full force at the Farmer’s Market and we start brainstorming ideas for Summer menus. Here are some of our favorite dishes so far. Capellini with Early Girl Tomato Sauce, Opal Basil & Parmesan Sourdough Crumbs BLTA – Thistle Meats Bacon, Little […]

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